Week 1 Summary – cbedross1

I thought the opening week of our Digital Storytelling course was very informative, interesting, and challenging. The videos were very creative and were easy to follow and at times, very suspenseful. The main point of the week was to introduce what storytelling is, but I like how we were never really given an official definition, rather, it was left up to us to decide. Getting my WordPress blog set up was pretty straight-forward but learning how to edit things was a bit tricky for me. I’m sure in a couple weeks I’ll be much better suited with navigating through the site. Some things I liked: The live video of the family in the NY three-story apartment, Vannegut’s video, and the notion of “baiting” the audience to keep them engaged to a story. This was all about constantly asking questions and answering them along the way. Some things I was challenged with: Figuring out how to navigate around in WordPress, figuring out how WordPress is structured and what features apply to my work, and viewing the NY times article as well as the touchcast video. Looking forward to the rest of the course, particularly adding digital elements, and should be fun to see how our pages develop.

One thought on “Week 1 Summary – cbedross1

  1. You have taken on a lot this week, including the whole WordPress interface, and yes, just be continual use it should get easier.

    In addition to your useful reflections above, in the weekly summary, I am looking for a quick mention, and link to the blog posts (using the hyperlink feature in the editor) you wrote for the week, as a way of summarizing and showing what you did.

    In terms of the difficulty in viewing those two sites, thank you, as I should have mentioned some of them may work better in the Google Chrome browser. The web is complicated like that.

    You’ve gotten already a blog going with multiple posts, nicely done.

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