What to Storify?

Living in an age where technology and media are unavoidable, the digital world has begun to consume our lives. This may seem to have a negative connotation and many would agree, but it is at the point where those part of generation X and younger are beginning to feel more comfortable with digital interfaces. Younger generations may never hold a hard copy article! It seems as if everything is storified/or at least can be storified through digital means.

As I brainstormed for something to “storify” I wanted to choose something that many people have experienced and could relate to. But of course, I wanted something that may sound a little ambiguous, so that I could clarify its meaning via digital channels. While eating Chinese food, I noticed the fortune cookies at the bottom of the carry-out bag. To me the fortune inside the cookie was always something either farfetched or dramatic. As I opened the cookie, the little piece of paper inside said this..

“Your luck has been completely changed today”


I chose this option since I feel the story behind the cookies fortune can be perceived and drawn up in thousands of ways. What is one story behind it? I figured this would be a cool way to “digitize” the “story inside the cookie.” A challenge to this is that it’s very open-ended and there are no leads, the story can be taken in a number of directions. It would be key to not lose focus on what the main message is behind the fortune.

One thought on “What to Storify?

  1. Has the fortune come to pass? A fortune cookie is one of this rather constrained (by length of words) ways to communicate, or whee the story may not be self contained in the thing that is told. Could a fortune cooke story have more than a general scope to it?

    This is good practice and thinking about what might be different with a storytelling lens. Keep looking!

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