Reactions to a Podcast Story (Learning by Listening)

I just had the opportunity to listen in on a podcast by “The Truth” titled, “Falling.” It was quite the dramatic story, based on an emotional roller coaster romance between a man and the woman who saved his life. To be honest, I usually am not drawn to romantic stories, but i’ll admit that I believe the story kept my attention since I was only listening. I think because I was using only my sense of hearing, it forced me to constantly sculpt images and settings in my mind; it allowed me to be creative and very imaginative. I liked how the podcast itself started with suspenseful and dramatic sounds with narrative from a bystander then immediately goes straight into what the ending is. I feel like it’s sort of a tease since it works to lure the listener in. The sound effects all came together nicely in this beginning segment.

Some audio techniques I noted while listening were the use of sound effects and background noise. Sound effects were used not just to emphasize the setting (such as the sound of boiling water) but to also provide the hint that a new setting/scene has taken place. I particularly noted that the change in settings worked better when there was a sharp sound effect (like an alarm clock) which was more helpful from a listening perspective since otherwise I found it difficult to catch when a new setting/scene has taken place. The use of background noise (such as dogs barking or doors opening) helped me form the setting in my head which I thought was a key element for me to follow the story. I liked how during the buildup of the story, the listener was given an “inside look” of the man and woman’s individual lives. This candid look made me feel more part of the story, like I was connected to it, as weird as that may sound. A good example of the use of background noise can be found at the 7:43 mark of the podcast.

3 thoughts on “Reactions to a Podcast Story (Learning by Listening)

  1. I’m glad you listened to this story, it is very well produced. The thing about this show is that it vey much follows the form and style of shows like This American Life but puts it to work for fiction, drama. Did the shape do a good job of providing a leap over the unexpected?

    What you will find out soon is that you can produce something similar on your own computer.

    FYO, soundcloud is the site we will use to post audio assignments- it has a features that works well with WordPress; you can embed the audio directly into your bog (rather than just linking), so if you get the URL for the souldcloud link–– and out it on a blank line (as plain text, no hyperlink) when you edit your post, it should embed the player right in your post.

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