Week 2 – Summary

Some very engaging content this week starting out with the video of Evelyn Glennie explaining the importance and value of listening well. I thought it was very intriguing and I thought her accent added in keeping me in tune the whole way through. This week I broke down a fictional radio show by “The Truth” titled “falling.” I found it very interesting to hear how they combined simple audio elements to make a story go from boring to intense. I also selected a commercial and broke down the elements of said commercial by 5 second increments. It was a good experience to appreciate the subtle things the marketing directors add to a commercial to make it work. Finally, I brainstormed another idea for storifying, this time recalling my time coming across one of Oscar Mayer’s wiener mobiles.

Meanwhile, my navigation skills and level of comfort with the WordPress site is coming along well. At first I was a little overwhelmed by all the functionality, but now that I have a sense of my whereabouts at any given time, it makes it easier to find the posts I want to read and comment on.

One thought on “Week 2 – Summary

  1. You are doing really well with the work in the class and your increasing capabilities in using WordPress. Now in week 3 we start to step it up where you begin to do more creating media, that’s where it really takes off.

    I hope these exercises have you thinking more closely about the way audi. video, and visuals are put together.

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