Storifying – Take 3

For this weeks item to “storify” I have chosen ice skates. The significance of these skates, however, is the fact that I am the third owner. They originally belonged to a family friend, then were handed down to my cousin, and finally I retired them just a couple months ago. But where do I see story in them? In a lot of ways; from trips all across the country for different trournaments, the hundreds of ice rinks they have skated on, all the laughter, exuberance, and frustration seen in the locker rooms, to all the practices before dawn. These skates have witnessed a lot and have been through a lot; I think it would be cool if they could tell their story.


3 thoughts on “Storifying – Take 3

  1. Giving objects a story can work as a creative exercise. Would it be from the perspective of the skates? What might skates be able to tell us that only they know? How would your relationship with the skates be different if you were aware of tis story? How do you factor into the story?

    Just food for thought; I like that you are looking at wondering.

  2. Yes, it would be from the perspective of the skates. I know it all farfetched and fiction to the extreme, but I think it would be interesting if I could hear their story!

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