Visual Assignment – Chimeratic Composition

One of the assignments I chose to complete was the one called “Chimeratic Composition.” I chose this because I thought it would be fun to see what I can come up with, but also because I wanted to try a new photo editing software. The assignment itself is so open-ended that it really allows you to be creative and create a story from scratch. I particularly like how the assignment asks for the end result to be something that wouldn’t be possible in real life. This fiction aspect truly allows for the story behind the pictures to take on a variety of shapes and spines, completely dependent on the person viewing the picture. The assignment asks to take three images and combine them into one, here is my result titled, “Santa Saves Car Meet.”

Santa Saves Car Meet

In order to create this, I used the online free photo editing software, Pixlr. I also went online to get some help with Pixlr, so I browsed youtube and found this video which got me started.

The picture above is composed of the following three images..

agile Dino Micheal Pless, dressed in a Santa wetsui

6 thoughts on “Visual Assignment – Chimeratic Composition

  1. This is an awesome combo, and definitely not what ones might see in every day life. O like how you managed to combine the elements in pixlr without any bounding square boxes, e.g. you separated out the background elements of the santa surfer and godzilla.

    I’d like you to review the three elements I am looking for when you write up your assignments- more than just the final image

    While its good that you linked to the assignment, a reader might want to hear from you explain what the assignment is.

    So we have these scene- what is the story? Why is godzilla in the parking lot? Who is this hero, this santa surfer? why do none of the people standing near the cars seem to notice what is going on around them? And what was the inspiration or idea that made you choose these elements?

    Likewise, I ask you to describe more about how you made the image– all I know is that you used pixlr. How did you remove the backgrounds? rotate santa? How did you turn Santa’s surfboard into a device he can fly on (it looks edited in the shape of a sleigh)? Also, while you showed us the three images used, I want to know where you find them- give credit to the source of the images.

  2. CogDog- You pose some great questions, particularly “why is godzilla in the parking lot?” haha. I need to support my media with more of the story context. This image seems to be the result of many other stories that made that moment get to where it is, such as your question of “who is this hero?” The background image is actually me and a couple friends, if we had been facing forward it would have made the composite image more effective.

    Re: embedding. It’s honestly something I need to get in the habit of! I am too used to linking things. I am new to blogging and communicating in a forum like this, will keep that in mind going forward, thank you!

  3. bcodelson says:

    This is pretty cool! I agree with Cogdog however that it would be great to know more of the story about how this all went down. I’d also be interested in any photo editing techniques you picked up along the way.

  4. I think the biggest thing I took away was when removing the “white space” and other areas of the photo that I did not want, zooming in was such a big help!

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