Photo Blitz!

For my photo blitz I chose my living room since I have a lot objects, colors, and light. I thought it was a fun exercise and it really makes you realize what level photographer you are since it forces you to use your camera in creative ways with limited time. I am in no way an experienced photographer but an exercise like this allows you to figure out what things you are good at and also utilize the different camera features you may not use normally. During my photo blitz I tried to leave things in their place and not move things around, rather I wanted to challenge myself by only using my positioning and camera angles to capture what I needed.

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4 thoughts on “Photo Blitz!

  1. That’s what it was! It was one of my favorite shots. Great effort on finding all that detail and experimenting with different angles. Nice couches BTW! and decor all around.

  2. bcodelson says:

    Very cool! I like that you left everything in it’s place for the photos. I’m sure it created a little bit of an added challenge to rely only on your camera angles. I think that totally makes up for going over time.
    Great shots and cool decor 🙂 I think my favorite photo was of the artwork that had interesting shadows.

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