Week 3 – Summary

There was a lot to get done this week, but I enjoyed my experiences in many of the assignments. I particularly likes Flickrs five card story game, I thought it was cool to create your own story using a bit of imagination. Here is mine. I also got experience with the free online photo editing software, Pixlr. I had never heard of this before and not only was it an easy tool to use, I can see myself using this in future projects. It makes it easy to “cut out” items in an image that you don’t want. I completed two assignments using pixlr’s editing software: One assignemnt called chimeratic composition (which I am happy with my outcome, check it out!) and another called A Whole New World. For the photo blitz activity, I chose my living room, and my experiences gave me a different perspective of how difficult it can be to capture exactly what you need. One of the first things I did this week was take some pictures using the techniques we leanrned, such as the “Rule of Thirds” or “Framing.” See my results here. Finally, I thought about another item to “Storify” and I am happy with this weeks idea – Ice Hockey Skates. See my reasoning in this blog post.

I am enjoying comments from other ds106 participants as they help me look at things in different perspectives and have influenced the way I approach snapping pictures or “storifying” certain items.

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