Chaplin Foley – ROARing Lion!

Foley sound, which is defined by Wikipedia as the reproduction of everyday sound effects, was the basis for this assignment – creating sound effects completely on our own to mirror a section of a Charlie Chaplin film. The section of the film that I was responsible for was from marker 1:31 to 2:00 and my resulting foley sound effects are above. This was a very tricky task, timing was everything, and knowing what is going to happen in the film before it happens, was vital. Although it was challenging (I may have recorded over 20 takes) it was funny to hear some of the sounds we can make, but most notably, it was interesting to see how an everyday sound (such as tapping on a desk) could resemble something so much different – such as a man running. The sounds I added to the video were: Dialogue via my voice, growling via my voice, water splashing using a water bottle, and footsteps by tapping my desk.

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