Sound Effects Story – Stress Relief!

The sounds effects story assignment requires the user to find a collection of sound effects online and any self-recorded audio to create a story using only effects and no dialogue. For my sound effects story I chose to convey a stressful mood of someone then change that mood into relief, or happiness. From a story spine perspective the story itself could go something like this:

Once upon a time there was a man stressed out from work and traffic, he felt like nails on a chalkboard would be better to listen to all day. Every day, he listened to heavy metal to try and relieve the stress but it never helped. Until one day when he decided to finally go on vacation. Because of this, he was able to clear his mind.

When creating my sound effects story I wanted to capture things that are irritable, annoying and are indicative of things people may do when stressed (like listen to loud music) then phase into a more pleasant and relaxed setting. The effects I used were downloaded from and they included fingernails on siding, heavy metal music, traffic, a man yawning, birds chirping, a front door opening, and an ocean splashing. I self-recorded the sound of the bottle filling up with water.

My sound effects story:


I used the tool Audacity to create/edit the audio, see my reaction and project in my screencast o matic video..

2 thoughts on “Sound Effects Story – Stress Relief!

  1. This is fantastic, you have made it more than a bunch of sounds put together by sticking to a story spine approach. And I like the inventiveness of adding your own sound recording of the liquid flowing.

    You are well on your way in audio editing! Can you make the YouTube video of your screencast Public? I cannot see it.

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