Radio Commercial – Seinfeld needed Mobile Phones!!!

This audio assignment is called “DS106 Radio Commercial” and the purpose is to create an audio file that emulates a commercial you may hear on the radio. However, the catch is that you need to advertise something that could be useful for characters in a TV show or movie. The first show I thought of was Seinfeld!! The premise for many of their episodes revolve around the 4 main characters communicating with each other and losing each other around the streets of New York. Imagine how different the show would  have been if mobile technology was as prevalent then as it is now.

I first looked up some situations in the show where the characters could have used a mobile phone, this site was very helpful. I then collected different audio clips and imported them into the tool, Audacity, where I layered the sound. The commercial is comprised of three sounds: A mobile phone ringing (downloaded here), my voice (using SoundCloud), and background music (Kaskake – LAX to JFK) that I had on my computer.

I thought it all came together nicely, I tried lowering my voice to make it more suspenseful and raised the volume of the music when fading out at the end.


2 thoughts on “Radio Commercial – Seinfeld needed Mobile Phones!!!

  1. What a creative idea, introduce a technology to a show that was not available. What kind of phone do you think Kramer would have owned? He seems an old school flip phone guy to me.

    Your editing is really solid, and assembled well. Good work.

    But you know what? If they had smart phones, I bet they would still mess things up. Imagine the perils of auto correct with george…

    • Kramer was definitely a flip phone type of guy, I agree! And yes, all the dillemas George or Elaine would get into due to the this technology would have definitely put a different spin on that show.

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