Storifying – Take 5!

For this week I have chosen my 1994 Acura Integra. A car, really? At first I didn’t think it would apply, but taking a deeper look, I realized it’s filled with stories and elements that could carve its own story. What made me think of it was the fact that it is now 20 years old and I’ve owned it for 10. It has been through a lot and essentially transformed from its original “stock” appearance. From all the body and mechanical work, car meets, trips, and from acquiring it during high school and still owning it now as a working professional. Although my mindset has changed and I no longer spend money on the car other than keeping it running, it still holds that sentimental value. Now that I think about it, it’s nice outside today, I should be outside washing it! đŸ˜‰



6 thoughts on “Storifying – Take 5!

    • Even older, 20! Maybe the story angle could be the transformation process it has gone through, but telling it from the car perspective? I don’t know, will need to think more on this one.

  1. I agree with the professor! You have done an amazing job taking care of your car! It looks brand new. As I read this, I thought back to my first car. It was a Ford Taurus. It was the family car that I inherited. It was in decent condition until it got a big dent in the back corner after I ran into my mailbox during drivers ed. When my dad handed me the keys, he told me to drive it until it died. And, as a mildly rebellious high schooler, it got me into and out of trouble. Every now and then when I see an old Taurus on the road, I am reminded of my car and the stories it could tell about me growing up. Perhaps you could layer in the transformation process with the car as well as your transformation process from a highschooler to a working professional. How would the stories be the same? How would they be different?

  2. It’s funny that you mentioned having a Ford Taurus since that is what my father had (A wagon, however) when I was growing up as a kid. The stories I could share regarding that Taurus are endless. Over 270,000 miles and 14 years in the family!

  3. I don’t think a car is an odd choice at all. We spend so much time in our cars and like you, I also drove the car I acquired at a young age for over a decade (long live the 1998 Jetta, my ride for 13 years!) We actually got a new car this weekend, and I may or may not have shed a tear in saying “good bye” to our old car.

    You talked about doing the things to keep it running- maybe there is a story in there. How an older car may not be as shiny/technologically up to date/etc. as its newer cousins, but if you do x,y, and z you can keep it humming for a long time.

    It’s obvious from the other commenters that cars hold sentimental value–that’s worth taking advantage of in your idea!

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