Weekly Summary – Week 5

Very hectic week, a lot to learn and keep up with. However, the assignments were interesting and I feel like the tools we learned and practiced with will be useful in the future. This week started out with creating a SoundCloud account then recording your first audio file. I created a short news story about raining hamburgers! I found SoundCloud to be straight forward and thought the recording tool was very easy and convenient to use. I then worked on the Sound Effects Story assignment which required the use of an audio editing tool, I used the tool Audacity. Very neat tool, easy to grasp, and definitely powerful. My sound effects story revolved around “relieving stress” and I used a composition of 8 different sounds. The next assignment, which I found to be the most difficult yet intriguing, was adding foley sounds to a segment in a charlie chaplin film. It was difficult because it’s tricky to “stay in sync” with the video you are making the sounds for. It’s important to anticipate what is about to happen. I created sound for a 30 second clip from marker 1:31 to 2:00. One of my favorites assignment this week was the radio commercial! I needed to advertise something that a TV show or movie character could have used. I chose mobile phones for the characters in Seinfeld.  I wrapped up this week with another item to “Storify,” by choosing my 20 year old Acura Integra. My devotion to keep it running over the years, the money spent on it, and all the places it has taken me certainly has a story behind it all.

I look forward to the feedback on my blog. Because we are in an asynchronous class feedback isn’t immediate and its sometimes difficult to bounce ideas off one another. That’s why its important to give and receive feedback not only so that we are given ways to improve our content but also it helps with thinking dynamically for future assignments. Seeing, listening, and reading other classmates’ blogs has helped me see the approach others took to the same assignments I work on.



One thought on “Weekly Summary – Week 5

  1. Am outstanding week for you and great work on the audio- sorry for not being quite as timely with my own comments, I have a lot of blogs to read 😉 But your observations about the value and the call for more commenting are worth amplifying.

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