Looking Back at Storifying Ideas

This week I have taken some time to review my classmates blog posts relating to their ideas of things that can be storified. There were a lot of good ideas that spanned across a variety of creative topics, from grammar instructions to amplified guitar pedal boards. One thing I observed however, was that there were quite a few intangible ideas such as aforementioned grammar help, relationship building, and describing ones day-to-day work responsibilities. For the exception of my IKEA instructions storified example, my ideas typically focused on an object and that objects point-of-view. Things like ice hockey skates and my car. It would be interesting to see how one storifies something intangible compared to how someone else storifies something tangible. How will the story spine compare? Contrast? How will the media used to portray the story differ?


One thought on “Looking Back at Storifying Ideas

  1. Those are of course the right questions to ask. What I have seen as well is an attempt to add a story to a thing; the idea really is to take something like could be better explained or understood via a story approach, like how could the way it is shown in the world better help people understand it.

    Yes, your ice skates have a story, a history., But rather than an object just having a story, how does that story, say, help someone understand better how to ice skate (I want to know since I am a klutz on skates)

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