Weekly Summary Week 6 and 7

Definitely the most interactive assignments thus far has been the past two weeks revolving around video reviewing and editing. This was a very informative week for me since previously I’ve had absolutely no video editing experience. In fact, when watching a YouTube video, for example, it never occurred to me how titles or credits were created. After using Windows’ Movie Maker, I realized how straight-forward it could be.  I also developed a keener eye for criticizing video/movies whether it is based off of Roger Ebert’s strategies on how to read a movie in which one of his underlying themes is how “movement to the right is more favorable” or based videos I watch on editing techniques like this one:

My work this week included breaking down Roger Ebert’s methodologies on how to read a movie, which I came to the conclusion that reviewing a movie is a lot more work that I could imagine. With all the different type of cinematography, editing techniques, and subtle effects, it can be tricky to find the things that make a movie great.

I then had the opportunity to break down a movie scene on my own! I chose one of my favorite scene’s from the movie Gladiator. I applied some of the techniques from Roger Ebert, such as the foreground is more dominant, rule of thirds, and right is more positive. I found that a lot of the way the Gladiator scene was filmed fell in line with Ebert’s techniques but I did find some areas where it didn’t.

Possibly one of the trickiest assignments in the class so far for me was the chaplin/foley assignment. It required us to take the chaplin short film and add the audio from our classmates foley clips in order to match them up. There were a lot of parts to this from organizing all the audio, familiarizing with video editing software, and determining the best way to layer everything together. Here is my take on this, as you can see, I also added in a soundtrack! Once I got the hang of Movie Maker, I was much more efficient but it did take some time for me to get comfortable. I foresee using this tool in the future, so I’m glad I took time to learn it!

One of my favorite assignment thus far in the course has been my play-by-play video on how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. With this I found a youtube video, removed the audio, recorded myself doing commentary, then added in a background audio track. I also got to practice my skills on creating movie titles and credits. Although still very basic, I was happy with the result!


One thought on “Weekly Summary Week 6 and 7

  1. Very well done for what is a very quick and fast introduction to video editing. You’ve done well to get all the work done (early) and push your video editing skills. If you can get good at assembling video from parts (other videos, text, music, images) you can really add more o your communication/presentation chops by creating your own media, rather than just using someone else’s clips.

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