Weekly Summary: Project Recap

My final project revolves around storifying the instructions from IKEA. I first introduced this idea back in week 4 and received a lot of good, useful feedback. Just a few weeks prior to first introducing this idea, I purchased a bed frame from IKEA and had a great deal of trouble constructing it. I eventually prevailed and I’m happy to say the bed has been great, but I didn’t forget how many times I had to look over those instructions just to understand where to put a couple of screws. When thinking of what else I could “Storify” the instructions popped into my head.

The sense I got from the feedback on my blog post from week 4 was to go a little wild on the story so after thinking of how I can “fix” the instructions or make them better, I came up with an idea that’s a little from “right field” if you know what I mean. My story contains a main character who, in his day-to-day life works as a well-respected constructional engineer. I tried to make the character seem as though no project would be too tough or challenging for him that way when the IKEA instructions come around, he hits a wall. This gives the perception of how tricky IKEA instructions can be, especially if a popular engineer can’t even figure them out. The story goes on by using videos to capture the main character’s struggles but also includes an encouraging audio track that ultimately helps the main character assemble his IKEA item and take his engineering career to the next level.

The climax of the story is the audio file. This is what helps the main character overcome his inability to construct the IKEA furniture item. My idea for this was to create something motivational and relaxing since its common that when people are in the middle of an IKEA project they tend to get frustrated, impatient, and potentially upset. The audio file (which is found in the IKEA box via a flash drive) is meant to be the resolution to the IKEA instructions, an encouraging and soothing sound that changes the customers thinking and attitude. I created the audio in Audacity using a soundtrack from youtube (see Sources section below) combined with a recording I did of myself using SoundCloud. In audacity I used some echo effects to make my voice come off a little more soothing, here is the screenshot..


As for the videos, I ran into some issues. I recorded the videos using my smartphone, however I had a hard time getting them onto my computer. I first tried uploading them straight to YouTube but they never loaded, staying in “pending” status. I then tried emailing them, but their size was too large to send from a phone. Finally, I was able to upload them to Facebook. In Facebook there is an option to download the video, but for some reason my computer was freezing up when attempting this. After a little searching I came across this site, which had me use Google’s browser, “Chrome.” Following the steps from this site I was able to finally download the video file, then upload them to my YouTube account!

My project fits the story spine format.  It begins with providing a background of the main character and setting up what kind of obstacle he may need to overcome. The story goes on to tell how the main character overcomes a problem and the subsequent results of what happened based on the learning experiences the character went through. You will notice that throughout my story, I have included some of the key “story spine verbiage” from “everyday” to “finally” and more. However, I didn’t want to be too overt so in some cases a changed how I introduced or began part of the story spine.


I googled search for several of my images.

The time machine image came from here.

I did a little extra research on other people’s perception of IKEA instructions.

 I used this soundtrack from YouTube for my project’s audio file.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Summary: Project Recap

  1. Since this was the first time I’ve used this format for a final project, I was not sure what would come out of it, but now I know it is something like this.

    Some might have just left it as audio instructions which would help people like Chris get beyond Cryptic Diagram Interpretation Syndrome, but I like how you have suggested some sort of engineered mind calming sound track, which takes your idea to a whole different level, even better since it is not overtly written that way into the story, but suggested. And like a good spine we do not only emerge with seeing Chris overcome his obstacle (the desk gets assembled), there is a larger outcome for him as a character moving into the future.

    I like the way you played out the story across the media, the prop making, and keeping everything in it aligned with the direction of the story.

    You knocked it out of the park, and even get to go home early. A great finish, congrats.

  2. Thank you Cogdog! It was a fun project to work on and I appreciate the feedback. The assignment instructions mentioned that we needed to have a central character, which was a requirement that really helped me sculp my story since I was able to create a series of events geared towards him. Great course, all the best..

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