A Whole New World – Race Track Warehouse

The thoughts behind this assignment makes a lot of sense; How would you see, reside, and interact in a world that is proportionately out of scale from your perspective? I like how they used the movie, “Honey I Shrunk the kids” as an example. Whether you are abnormally large or small for an environment, a series of challenges and advantage will present itself. For my attempt at this assignment, I placed race go-karts into a large warehouse. The drivers are now able to use the warehouse as a raceway where in reality, they would have no where to go!

Race Track Warehouse


Visual Assignment – Chimeratic Composition

One of the assignments I chose to complete was the one called “Chimeratic Composition.” I chose this because I thought it would be fun to see what I can come up with, but also because I wanted to try a new photo editing software. The assignment itself is so open-ended that it really allows you to be creative and create a story from scratch. I particularly like how the assignment asks for the end result to be something that wouldn’t be possible in real life. This fiction aspect truly allows for the story behind the pictures to take on a variety of shapes and spines, completely dependent on the person viewing the picture. The assignment asks to take three images and combine them into one, here is my result titled, “Santa Saves Car Meet.”

Santa Saves Car Meet

In order to create this, I used the online free photo editing software, Pixlr. I also went online to get some help with Pixlr, so I browsed youtube and found this video which got me started.

The picture above is composed of the following three images..

agile Dino Micheal Pless, dressed in a Santa wetsui