Chaplin Circus Fraternity Initiation

This was my first video creation/editing experience! I learned a lot from this assignment and it was cool to see how easy it can be to add in things like a title and credits. The trickiest part for me was adding in the overlay audio, but I ended up using Audacity to create the “layered” audio that I needed.  The story that I used was that the man in the video was a new employee looking to join the Circus’ fraternity and part if joining it, he needed to prove his “worth” by entering the lions cage. There really wasn’t any main reason as to why I chose this storyline, it’s just something I thought of and went with it.  For the audio, I used Avicii’s Levels (video below)

Here is the final compilation after my video editing using the Windows Movie Maker software in conjunction with Audacity.

Then I grabbed the Foley sound recordings of current and past classmates to provide the sound effects..



As you can see in the below screen shot, the audio section is all one file that I imported from Audacity.