Chaplin Circus Fraternity Initiation

This was my first video creation/editing experience! I learned a lot from this assignment and it was cool to see how easy it can be to add in things like a title and credits. The trickiest part for me was adding in the overlay audio, but I ended up using Audacity to create the “layered” audio that I needed.  The story that I used was that the man in the video was a new employee looking to join the Circus’ fraternity and part if joining it, he needed to prove his “worth” by entering the lions cage. There really wasn’t any main reason as to why I chose this storyline, it’s just something I thought of and went with it.  For the audio, I used Avicii’s Levels (video below)

Here is the final compilation after my video editing using the Windows Movie Maker software in conjunction with Audacity.

Then I grabbed the Foley sound recordings of current and past classmates to provide the sound effects..



As you can see in the below screen shot, the audio section is all one file that I imported from Audacity.



4 thoughts on “Chaplin Circus Fraternity Initiation

  1. Great job on editing this Chapline video, Chris! I liked that you created additional sceens to introduce the story. The background music you selected fits well with the storyline. My only recommendation is that you post the edited Chaplin video at the top of this blog post (replace the Avicii’s Levels video with the Chaplin video). I was initially confused when I viewed the Avicii Levels video. I thought this was another video assignment and not the foley one, so I kept looking out for what you had changed/edited in the Levels video. I recommend you put your final video compilation up front, followed by the sources you used (e.g. Avicii and SoundCloud clips).

  2. Yes, this is a really great effort, especially for a first video edit. What I like most is the creativity of the story idea of a fraternity, it adds to the story presented. And adding a sound track was a nice extra touch.

    Your approach does work for this, but it gets tricky to edit the soundtrack in Audacity and line it up in Movie Maker. You should be able to import audio tracks into Movie Maker and move them around, and trim as need. You night need to look for a command that removes or mutes the original sound track

  3. Cogdog – thanks for the comment. So I was able to “mute” the original soundtrack with no problem, it was adding another level/layer of audio that gave me issues. In movie maker you simply drag in the audio and I was trying to do that with all the different Foley sounds I had. I’ll have to do some more research on figuring that out.

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